Thursday, August 23, 2012

And their names are-

Well, I think the kids have told enough people that I can tell everyone our children's names.  Our son's Ethiopian name is Goitom (GOY tum ) and his American name will be Tom.  (It is possible it might be Thomas but right now it is just Tom)  So his name will be Tom Goitom (GOY tum) Haskins.  Our daughter's Ethiopian name Rigibe (a  RIG ba ) and her American name will be Ribgy.  So her name will be Rigby Rigibe (a RIG ba) Haskins.  As you can see we are trying to use some of their Ethiopia name in their American name.  Actually, we kind of thought the Rigby's name actually sounded like Rigby so we started calling her that and we got used to it. 

I am sorry I have not written in awhile.  Honestly, I had a lot of good ideas about posting but now that I am home I need to focus on Cole and Ellie (we started school yesterday) and getting ready for Tom and Rigby.  I did type up my thoughts when I was in Ethiopia so maybe someday I will have more time to get them down (HA!)  I did get my pictures organized on Monday so that was a huge thing.  I have read a couple other blogs that have been really good and I am going to share them.

One post comes from another family that was in Ethiopia when we were.  They also passed court and are now waiting for a Embassy Date to go pick up their daughter.  This post has to do with not sharing information about our children's past and she did a really good job.  I know that I have not said a lot about their past but there has been times that I have said some information that I wish I would not have.  So basically, if I have told you about our children's past, please do not share that information.  Like I said, I have not shared much but I just want to be safe.  Here is the post "Our Adopted Gift - Her Story to Tell"

The other post is from Jen Hatmaker and I encourage you to read it.  "The Truth About Adoption:  One Year Later"   Dan and I know of the possible struggles ahead of us but this was a good reminder.  I need to be careful not to get freaked out but to be prepared.  I also think it is good for those close to us to know what we may be going through

I still need to try to post more pictures but right now I am focusing on organizing and school.  I probably should clean the house soon too:)


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