Friday, September 7, 2012

Submitted to Embassy

One Wednesday, September 5th, we received a surprise email stating that we were submitted to embassy.  We were expecting it to take at least a couple more weeks. It was fun because a lot of other families did as well.  America World said that we will know by early next week if we are cleared.  Officially we should know within 10 business days so it might be later next week or the week after.  If we not clear the US Embassy is either 1) requesting an interview with the birth parent or 2) sending the case to the USCIS office in Nairobi,Kenya because it is "not clearly approvable". 

When our case does clear the Embassy we then get to request three interview dates.  I think they will tell us the next day which date we will be given and then we make plans to go again. More than likely they will request a birth parent interview but if they don't we could be heading back next weekend.  Crazy!  If they do request a birth parent interview we would at least be waiting a few weeks before we are cleared. 

Well, hope to be posting again soon!

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